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In London more than £1 billion is lost annually due to flooding. This money goes to repairing damaged streets and other property. . Millions of people in the UK are affected by floods annually. It is a big problem in certain parts of the country and individuals must take preventative measures to help protect themselves, their home and businesses. One way to do just that is to invest in air brick covers. They are an absolute necessity and will prevent flood waters from going into the air bricks and inside a person's home or business.

During a flood, homeowners have to act quickly and close all external openings so that flood waters can not gain entry into the home. Failing to do so may result in significant water damage in ones home, place of business or other types of property. When this happens, the property owner will be forced to clean out the dirty flood water (or pay someone else to), fix any damaged possessions and replace any property that has been ruined. Covering airbricks is extremely important and if overlooked can result in an easy entry point for flood waters.

When there is no flood air bricks ventilate buildings and also reduce condensation. However, when floods occur, airbricks can make a building susceptible to flooding or at the very least make it possible for water to enter the building.

There are various types of airbrick covers. The most common include single use, automated or smart airbrick covers, latch-ins and screw-ins. Each of these can be effective and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Some persons suggest that the best type of airbrick cover to use is a permanent, one way cover. This is largely because it is always in place in case of a flood and will not require human intervention or action when waters start to rise. They automatically prevent water from rushing through the airbricks. Therefore, if flood comes unexpectedly or a person is away from their home or business, they are still protected.

Smart Air bricks are another option that is very popular. They are not cheap at £100 (on average). However, they offer tremendous benefits. They do not require any power source. When flood waters begin to rise, they start working to prevent water entry right away. These brick covers use float valve system technology which makes it impossible for flood water to pass through, thus protecting the property they are attached to.

When floods occur, it is vital that an individualís property is protected as much as possible. Two of the most common ways that persons in the UK protect their homes and businesses are via the use of floodgates and air brick covers. Both can be very effective.

Air brick covers work by helping keep water out that would normally enter through the air vents. Air vents can then go quickly from being a great benefit to the occupants of a building to becoming a hazard. If water is allowed to enter the building through airbricks, this can cause a significant amount of damage. Because flood insurance is so expensive, many people opt not to purchase it, if water is able to enter the home it could prove too costly to repair, at least all at once. Simple buys such as airbrick covers can thus, save uninsured or underinsured individuals a great deal of money.

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