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There are many types of products available on the market, all designed to protect one's home or business from flooding. In London, flooding is a significant problem. This is especially so in recent years. 2007 and 2008 were years where high water was way too much of a common occurrence. Flooding routinely cost the country and insurance companies billions of pounds to make repairs and cover insurance policies, respectively. In some parts of the country there is a significant amount of flood risk. Because millions of London residents have to deal with floods and their aftermath, many are interested in finding effective and affordable ways to protect their property. One product that is pretty well known and popular is door guards. We will talk a little more about them below so that people can become informed about their options. There are many different products on the market, all designed to help persons prevent their homes from being flooded, door guards are just one option among many.

Door guards fit snugly into a door frame. They can expand vertically and horizontally. They contain rubber seals along the bottom and sides of the guard so that water can not seep in. This helps prevent water from entering the home via the door.

Door guards can be made from a number of materials. Sometimes rubber is used and other times aluminum or steel. These are incredibly easy to install and can be put in place in a matter of minutes. They can also quickly be taken down which makes for easy cleanup. Door guards are relatively small. Therefore, storage is not a problem.

Door guards are made to fit in the vast majority of doorways so unless a person has a door that is radically different from the norm, then generally one-side fits all. Another advantage to using door guards is that they do not require the use of tools. Therefore, a person who doesn't have a lot experience working with tools or would prefer not to have to bother with them at all, doesn’t have to. It also makes it possible for just about anyone in the household to place in the door guard. In times of emergency, this can be a huge advantage. The fact that they can easily and quickly be put in place is very helpful, especially during times of sudden or fast floods. Even if individuals do not have a lot of pre-warning, they can easily protect their homes by using door guards.

Door guards are relatively inexpensive especially considering how much they might save an individual whose home gets flooded. They can be purchased for as little as £150. If a person does not have flood insurance and their home gets flooded, they will be responsible for clean up, repair and replacing all of the items themselves. This can be incredibly expensive, especially for a person who couldn’t already afford insurance. A small investment in a door guard can help such individuals save a ton of money.

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